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Finished Projects
Strengthening Activities of Private Farmers' and Rural Women's Associations
Market access of dryland people products/UNDP
Development of Advice Services for Agriculture and Food Economy
Improvement of Quality Management System for vocational education and training organizations in the field of agriculture - Leonardo da Vinci
Karelian co-op activity/Interreg IIIA
Strengthening of association activities for farmers and rural women
NorthKnow Project partners' Network
Handicrafts to sales items in the Vepsä region
New strategies and tools for development of entrepreneurship
EMMA - Berries to the market/Interreg IIIA
ProExport Russia/Interreg IIIA
DESERVE - Internet based advisory tools for rural areas
OUTREF - Outdoor and fast food
eFarmer - improving competiteveness in rural areas
Training advisors in the Farm Advisory System and Cross-Compliance requirements

Key Personnel
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