Smartly from renewable resources:
Efficiency to systems and utilization of by-product flows
The Smartly from renewable resources research area builds a new bioeconomy model that crosses the boundaries of traditional production areas.

The research area focuses on the under-utilized resources of the food system: information and by-product flows. The area seeks applicable information from different parts of the food system and utilizes the parts of food production that are considered as waste or environmentally problematic.
– For example, nutrients must be circulated in the food system. Biodegradable waste from municipal wastewater management and food production, like manure or potato skins, can be utilized in nutrient recirculation. At the same time, renewable energy is generated, explains Research Manager Sanna Marttinen.

Research themes
  • Promoting resource-efficiency in primary production
  • Sustainable production, refining and utilization of renewable, bio-based materials and energy
  • Smart intensification and quality enhancement in the food system and in nonfood production
  • New business opportunities and supportive policy framework

Customer case: Start of the biocoal era
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