Green economy opportunities
Non-renewable natural resources and the pursuit of continuous growth have long been at the core of the economy. Growth, however, has social and ecological limits that are being reached globally. The Green economy opportunities research area stems from this and pursues a sustainable economic model that utilizes scarce resources efficiently.

The green economy requires use of renewable natural resources, production that is more energy efficient and uses less material, moderate consumption and the pursuit of well-being also from intangible factors.

– Inevitable changes happen in the world and must be responded to. Finland is a land with plenty of natural resources and MTT has a clear role in the bioeconomy. The Green economy opportunities research area focuses on how to utilize natural resources in a socially sustainable manner while producing well-being, says Research Manager Hilkka Vihinen.

Green economy is a broad concept that doesn’t yet have any definitive outlines. Questions in the public discussion include:how is it possible to realize a green economy and what kind of business is at
its foundation?
– Through the research, we want to provide concrete statements and actions for the public discussion, says Vihinen.

Research themes
  • Use of land and natural resources
  • Transformation in rural livelihoods
  • Sustainability and competitiveness of local and organic foods
  • Changing markets, new green entrepreneurs and business know-how
  • Policy-formation, societal steering and knowledge-based decision-making
  Research Manager:
Hilkka Vihinen
Customer case: Merja brought local food to an industrial kitchen
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