Sustainable and competitive food production:
Healthy and profitable Finnish food
The focus of the Sustainable and competitive food production research area is on profitability, healthiness and self-sufficiency. The goal is for the profitable production of high-quality and healthy Finnish food, while at the same time securing the domestic food supply.

MTT is Finland’s only research facility conducting research in primary production. The role is significant.

“The competitiveness of primary production affects the entire sector and, indirectly, food safety. Our task is to work to make plants as healthy and productive as possible and to make sure that the animal stock is the ideal kind and is healthy and productive,” says Research Manager Harri Huhta.

The research area is already collaborating with different players in the food sector, and Huhta hopes that stakeholder collaboration will increase even more in the future.

Research themes
  • Improving productivity and profitability of agriculture and horticulture
  • Producing healthy and high-quality food
  • Securing the food supply

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