Environmentally friendly agriculture:
Productive agriculture in a clean environment
The Environmentally friendly agriculture research area pursues a balance between agriculture and the environment. Agriculture and the environment function in an interdependency in which both have their own values.

The central goals for the environmentally friendly agriculture research area are to determine the most cost-efficient way to reduce the runoff of agricultural nutrients and pesticide loads into the Baltic Sea and Finland waterways and the greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

Research is also focused on how to preserve and enhance nature’s biodiversity in agriculture.
– Agriculture relies on environmental ecosystem services, and ecosystem services can be utilized economically. Agriculture, however, must not harm the environment, and at the same time agriculture’s operating requisites must be secured. It isn’t always possible to operate completely environmentally friendly, for example, with no runoffs, says Research Manager Jyrki Aakkula.

All these themes are the focus in the renewal work of agro-environmental subsidy scheme, which started in 2011 and in which MTT has a central role.

Research themes
  • Agriculture’s impacts on waterways and water quality
  • Mitigation of climate change in agriculture
  • Preserving and enhancing the biodiversity of the agricultural environment
  Research Manager:
Jyrki Aakkula

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