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Final report of PesticideLife project can be found here.

Photos and Videos

The project has produced three teaching videos that address the general principles of IPM and pest-specific control instructions for cereal farmers. The third video is a 5 minute summary of IPM methods. Launguage in films is Finnish.

PesticideLife in Green Week Conference in Brussels. Watch a video overview of Green Week 2013, including a short presentation of PesticideLife project. Video can be found in LIFE news in EU Life website.

PesticideLife was a subject of national TV news on YLE TV1 and of regional TV news of South-West Finland on YLE TV2 after the field day at Jalli's farm in Koski Tl on 6.7.2010. In the next morning, the project was presented on regional Swedish news of Radio Vega, News of Turku Region. The news were available at YLE Areena for 30 days.

Photos and videos of the project PesticideLife are published in a web album. Most recent pictures are from agricultural and horticultural exhibitions in summer 2013.

The project was presented at the LIFE Climate Change Seminar in Helsinki in 18.-19.1.2010. The presentations of the seminar were YouTubed. The presentation of PesticideLife by Sanni Junnila is in English, as well as the slides.


Temporal variation of plant protection product usage in Finland 2007.

Experimental data  was a questionary for farmers, the study carried out by Finnish Information Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Tike). It covered 1.5 % from all Finnish farms and 1112 cereal cultivated fields where plant protection products were used in 928 cereal fields (4470 ha, 86 % of the fields). Cereals were spring wheat, spring barley and oats. In the backround there have been shown effective temperature sum, precipitation and temporal variation of usage during growing season (months). Plant protection products have been divided into the substance groups.

Temporal variation of glyphosate, MCPA, prothioconazole and α-cypermethrin usage in Finland 2007. Experimental data described in text of figure 3.

Own Articles in Press 
Kasvinsuojeluaineiden ympäristöriskien vähentäminen. PesticideLife-hanke jalkauttaa EU:n kasvinsuojelupolitiikkaa käytäntöön. (Minimising environmental risks of plant protection products. Project PesticideLife is implementing PP policy). Kasvinsuojelulehti 42:99. Junnila, S. 2009. In Finnish.

PesticideLife vie kohti tarkennettua kasvinsuojelua. (PesticideLife leads the way to precision of plant protection). Maaseudun Tiede 2/2010, s. 10. Junnila, S. 2010. In Finnish.

Comparison of national action plans and implementation of IPM principles in the Nordic-Baltic countries. NJF Report, 7/3, s. 71. 24th NJF Congress, Book of abstracts. Tiilikkala, K., Laitinen, P., Markkula, I. ja Junnila, S. 2011.

Implementing IPM in cereal production in the Northern zone. NJF Report, 7/3, s. 72. 24th NJF Congress, Book of abstracts. Junnila, S ja Laitinen, P. 2011.

Articles in Press
Rikkakasveista kehittymässä kasvinsuojeluaineita kestäviä. Hämeen Sanomat 2.10.2012, p. 6. Kankaansydän, A.
En armé av kvalster i äppleodlarens tjänst. Huvudstadsbladet 3.9.2012, p. 8-9. Skogberg, O.
Tautitorjunta tehtävä ennen oireita. Maaseudun tulevaisuus 20.7.2012, p. 9. Nikkari, S.
Oikaisu: Tautitorjunta vain tarpeen mukaan. Maaseudun tulevaisuus 23.7.2012
Tuomikirvojen vaivat vähäisiä. Ilkka 21.7.2012
Koeruuduilta suoria vinkkejä seuraavan kesän viljelyksille. Maaseudun Tiede 12.3.2012, p.18.
Ilmastonmuutos lisää kasvinsuojelun riskejä. (Climate change is multiplying risks of the plant protection). Maaseudun Tulevaisuus 22.02.2010, p.8. Lehtonen, S.
Ilmastonmuutos tuo haasteita kasvinsuojeluun. (Climate change creates new challenges in plant protection) Kylvösiemen 2/2010, Nordman, R.
Viljelijät etsivät täsmäaseita kasvintuhoojia vastaan. (Farmers are seeking smart ways to control pests) Turun Sanomat 7.7.2010, Palm, P.
EU vaatii integroidun kasvinsuojelun lisäämistä. (EU is asking increased use of Integrated Pest Management) Maaseudun Tulevaisuus  9.7.2010 Lehtonen, T.
Kohti kestävää tuholaistorjuntaa. (Towards sustainable pest management) Auranmaan Viikkolehti 9.7.2010, Trogen, T.
Ötökät kuriin täsmähoidolla. (Smart pest control) Pohjankyrö 9.8.2010, Thors, S.
PesticideLife-hankkeen tavoite tarveperusteinen kasvinsuojelu. (Chemical pest management only if needed is a goal of the project PesticideLife) Suomalainen Maaseutu 18.8.2010, Latvala M.

Internet Articles
 6.7.2010 Uutta puhtia tuhoojien torjuntaan. In Finnish (New energy to the pest management)
 7.7.2010 Bönderna vill inte minska på användandet av bekämpningsmedel. In Swedish(Farmers are not willing to reduce the use of pesticides)
 3.8.2010 Uusia tuhoojatorjunnan menetelmiä testataan. In Finnish (New pest management methods are tested)
18.07.2012 Kasvitaudeille herkulliset olosuhteet
28.7.2012 Vuoroviljely lisääntyy viljapelloilla

Deliverables and Milestones

After Life Communication Plan in Finnish and in English

Layman's reports in Finnish, Swedish and English

Policy review
According to the Framework Directive on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides, the member states have to build up and update a National Action Plan (NAP) before 2013. Implementing the Directive needs careful consideration of the national legislation and EU regulations. The NAP's and IPM principles are mandatory to the farmers in the 2014. National and EU regulations are considered in this policy review. The review was free to comments from May to December 2010. The commented version has been published in the MTT Report -series on 15.3.2011. A link to Policy review on the sustainable use of pesticides (in Finnish, summary in English).

Policy review on sustainable use of pesticides was updated and published in MTT Report series in September 2013. Please load the latest version of Policy review here. (in Finnish, summary in English)

Threshold review
The pest control thresholds are an integral part of Integrated Pest Management. Control thresholds for insect pests, plant diseases and weeds have been reviewed. The Finnish review has a short summary in English. Pest Control Thresholds.

Backcasting of IPM-methods in 2010
A group of insect, weed and disease specialists made a backcasting of integrated pest management methods carried out during summer 2010. Backcasting reports were made also to every farm and sent to the farmers. Discussions about reports are starting during January 2011. Backcasting 2010 in English. Backasting 2011 in English was published in December 2011. Backasting 2012 in English was published in December 2012.

The notice boards presenting the project have been erected near the demonstration fields, 26 in total. Finnish, English and Swedish versions of Notice boards FI SE EN. Visitor guides are updated for the growing season 2012.

Notice boards have been presented also on the organised field days. It is displayed in Finnish and in English Notice Boards at field days FI EN.

A poster of project PesticideLife has been presented at the field days, seminars and agricultural exchibitions. Finnish, English and Swedish versions of Notice board poster at seminars etc.

Common principles of IPM are reviewed in the report Defined benefits and weaknesses of different IPM methods and their direct and indirect dependency on climate change, land use and technological changes and direct and indirect influences on environmental risk. (English abstract, report is in Finnish).

The success of farm IPM demonstrations carried out in 2010 - 2012 was evaluated. (English abstract, report is in Finnish).

Results of the demonstrations are published in report on the process of rotational improvement pest scenarios and control thresholds (English abstract, report is in Finnish).

The Management of Fungicide Resistance in Cereals in Finland. This report was originally named in project plan as "Strategy on disease resistance management in IPM". This report has been updated and published as MTT's Report n:o 109.

Defined benefits and weaknesses of different IPM methods is now published as MTT's Report n:o 107

How to measure the environmental risks from uses of plant protection products for achieving the IPM requirements and risk communication. MTT's Report n:o 105. This report is a combination of two deliverables that were originally named in the project plan as:

"A synthesis report on definition of the role of pesticide issues in vertical food chains, assessing pesticide ecotoxicological impact in LCA, facts to be taken into account in policy development" and

"A synthesis report on definition of the role of pesticides in horizontal (watershed) approach, assessing ecotoxicology in horizontal scale, facts to be taken into account in policy development"

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Cereal Farms – Results from PesticideLife -Project (Report is in Finnish, abstract in English). MTT's Report n:o 108.

WP 4 (COMPLY) Publications and presentations
A synthesis report on implementation of IPM and demonstrating the aquatic risks of plant protection products on a Nordic-Baltic scale (in English)
How to measure the environmental risks from uses of plant protection products for achieving the IPM requirements and risk communication (in English)

Press Releases and Invitations (only in Finnish)

13.11.2013 Integroitu kasvinsuojelu vähentää viljelyn ympäristöhaittoja - tuottavuus säilyy (Integrated pest management will reduce the environmental risks of plant production - the productivity will remain) Press release.

07.11.2013 Miten integroitu kasvinsuojelu muuttaa viljanviljelyä? (How adoption of IPM methods will change crop production?) Press invitation.

10.7.2012 Miten kävi tuomikirvoille? Säilyykö viljojen terveys? (How was situation with bird cherry aphids? Is health of cereals going to remain?)

19.7.2011 Rehevä kesä vaatii onnistuneen lajikevalinnan ja kasvinsuojelun (In the rainy summer successfull cultivar selection and plant protection methods are required)

28.06.2010 Tuhoojat lisääntyvät - voidaanko esiintymistä ennustaa? (How practical are the pest forecasting models and IPM methods?)
19.02.2010 Uudella toimintasuunnitelmalla vähennetään kasvinsuojelun vesistövaikutuksia (The new National Action Plan will minimize runoff of plant protection products)
10.02.2010 Kasvinsuojelu muuttuu jatkuvasti - säilyvätkö vesistömme puhtaina? (Plant protection needs are changing - are water systems at risk?)

Pesticide resistance posters (only in Finnish)

Material distributed at the field days
Material from the field days in 2010 - 2012 can be found only in Finnish.

Event materials
4.-7.6.2013 Green Week in Brussels, Belgium. Poster: Effect of Plant Protection Products (PPP) on Air Quality in Agriculture Poster: Potential ecotoxicity impact assessment
7 - 8.11.2012 NJF Seminar 458: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - National Action Plans in Nordic-Baltic countries, Tallinn
Poster: Communication and information exchange of integrated pest management (IPM). Alanko, A-M., Junnila, S.,  Markkula, I., Tiilikkala, K., Räsänen, K., Huusela-Veistola, E.

22. - 25.5.2012 Presentation and posters in Green week conference, Brussels, Belgium
Poster: Cleaner Water by Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Poster: Plant Protection Product (PPP) Runoff Risks to Water Bodies - Modelling and Mapping
Presentation: Implementing IPM in Cereal Production in the Northern Zone

14.-16.6.2011 Presentations in NJF congress, Ultuna, Sweden
Dr. Kari Tiilikkala: Comparison of National Action Plans and Implementation of IPM Principles in the Nordic-Baltic Countries
Sanni Junnila: Implementing IPM in cereal production in the Northern Zone

14.6.2011 Presentations in NJF IPM workshop
Dr. Irene Vänninen: IPM Implementation as a Mutual Learning Process
Prof. Dr. Sirpa Kurppa: Environmental impact assessment of pesticides by LCA approach

1.11.2010 Plant protection seminar

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