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Photo: Pauliina Laitinen, MTT
Final Report of PesticideLife project has been published and it can be found from this link.
PesticideLife project has ended

PesticideLife project ended 31.12.2013. Project team wants to thank you all co-operators and visitors in project's seminars and field days! Project has produced a lot of material about the integrated pest management in cereal farms and these materials can be found from these websites. The most of the materials are in Finnish, but, e.g. project brochures, seminar proceedings and some reports are published also in English.
After Life Communication Plan
How project activities will continue after the project end? The after life communication plan presents how the PesticideLife project will be disseminatig and communicating results after the end of the project. After life communication plan in English can be found here.
Layman's report
PesticideLife has published so called Layman's report. That is a popularly written report of project's background, objectives, methods and results. You can find the report here in English
Closing seminar on the 13th of November 2013
The closing seminar of the PesticideLife project was in 13th of November in Jokioinen, Finland. The seminar programme and the materials can be found in Finnish from this link. Proceedings of the seminar are published also in English and they can be found from here.
Leaflet of the project
New project brochure "Integrated plant protection in cereal production" in now published.
PesticideLife wants to thank you all our visitors in summer exhibitions in Seinäjoki and Inkoo! The pictures of these agricultural exhibitions can be found in project's web album. 
New publications in project website

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Cereal Farms - Results from PesticideLife Project MTT's Report 108. (report is in Finnish, English summary)

PesticideLife's report Defined benefits and weaknesses of different IPM methods is now been updated and published as MTT's Report n:o 107. (report is in Finnish, English summary)
PesticideLife project at Green week conference, Brussels
PesticideLife project is present at the Green week conference 4th to 7th of May in Brussels by Irmeli Markkula and Taina Mäkinen. Green week is the biggest annual conference on European environment policy. This year's theme is air quality.
Changes in the project staff
Current project expert Aino-Maija Alanko will be working in Finnish Food and Safety Authority Evira from April 2013. New project expert Taina Mäkinen will start in the project on 15th of April 2013.
Results of the project are published
Results of the field demonstrations 2010 - 2012 are now analysed and published. Weather conditions in three growing seasons were different and it affected to the abundance of pests. Weeds and plant diseases were mayor pests and chemical fungicide applications increased the yield and its quality when application was based on need. Most of the herbicide applications were also economically profitable. Insect pests were least abundant in Jokioinen or Southern-Osthrobotnia regions. 
New reports are published
In autumn 2012 two reports were carried out by project experts. In one report the general principles of IPM were reviewed. Report was targeted to Finnish farmers to help them prepare for changes in 2014 and therefore it was written in Finnish. The other report was about success of farm IPM demonstrations that were accomplished in years 2010 - 2012. Also monitoring, materials and methods were analysed. Final round of test and demonstrations is also published. All the reports can be found from publications section. 31.12.2012.
Closing seminar of the project
International part of the closing seminar was in Tallinn in 7 - 8.11.2012 during NJF 458 seminar about integrated pest management. There was international IPM experts from 13 different countries. All the materials are published in publications page. 30.11.2012

Risks of glyphosate use in northern ecosystems
New article was recently published about risks of glyphosate use in northern ecosystems. Glyphosate has been found to be non-toxic to animals and rapidly inactivated in soils. According to new evidence glyphosate may retain in soils and may have influence on non-target organisms. These effects may be especially harmful in northern ecosystems because of long and biologically inactive winters and short growing seasons. 
Glyphosate is one of our substance that we research in our demonstration especially in Action 4. The article is published online and it is written by Marjo Helander and Irma Saloniemi from University of Turku and Kari Saikkonen from MTT.
PesticideLife blog is now online
As a part of continuity of the project, partly with social media, the project coordinator decided to establish a blog for the last season of observations. Blog posts will be written weekly about various topics such as current situations on the field, events and seminars and also guest bloggers will be invited to write posts about topics related to the project. Blog was found as part of "soft" communication to farmers besides the Facebook. 
At least once a month a short summary about the posts will be translated in English.
Tukes organizes panel discussion about National Action Plan in Finland
One of the project's stakeholders Finnish Safety and Chemical Agency Tukes arranges panel discussion 14th of June in Pasila. PesticideLife is well presented in this event as senior supervisor Kari Tiilikkala and weed specialist Heikki Jalli are giving talks before the discussion. Also one of our demonstration farmer Kari Vaismaa is one of the panel discussioners. Panel discussion will be held in Finnish.
Greetings from the Green week conference, Brussels
PesticideLife project was presented at the Green week conference 22th to 25th of May in Brussels by Irmeli Markkula, Aino-Maija Mustalahti and Kati Räsänen. Project was selected to Life area with 5 other EU Life+ projects. 
There were two different posters which team was closely related to water, as this was the main theme of the conference. Our project aroused interest among the visitors. For example the manager of The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) Juha Marttila visited the stand.
Project representatives visited also at several lectures where the water policy of the EU were discussed from several points of view.
Updates at the project website
Final round scenarios of the upcoming PP need for the summer 2012 is now published. The pest control thersholds are similar as previously but disease control thersholds in cereals were lowered especially in flag leaf and tillering stages based on the results of the summer 2011.

Finnish NAP in English is published
National action plan on the sustainable use of plant protection products is published at the website of Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. 12.3.2012

Changes in the personnel of the PesticideLife project
M.Sc. (Agric) Aino-Maija Mustalahti started as a debuty for Pauliina Laitinen in 15th of February. Pauliina will coordinate the implementation of NAP in Tukes. Lic.Sc. Kati Räsänen started as research scientist in 1st of March and she is working with LCA in cereal crop production chain. Especially adding the impact of pesticides in the environment to LCA is in her responsibility. 12.3.2012

Tukes replaces SYKE in the project partners
According to Finnish law on Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (2010/1261), the chemicals department of Finnish Environment Institute SYKE moved to Tukes. Sari Autio as a PesticideLife's project staff member moved also from SYKE to Tukes. The change demanded an amendment to the Grant Agreement, which is now signed by European Commission. More information about the change is at the website of Tukes. 21.6.2011.

Field days in the summer 2011
Programme for summer 2011 is now publiced. Project PesticideLife is organising a field day in every demonstration region (Uusimaa, Jokioinen region, Southern Ostrobothnia). The project is also presented in several agricultural events during summer. Updated information about events are on the websites of Field visits and Seminars. 19.5.2011.

Policy review in MTT Raportti -series 15.3.2011
Policy review on the sustainable use of pesticides has been published to get comments in May 2010. Final version of the review is now published in MTT Raportti -series, and it is linked to project publications (link).

First backcasting of IPM methods published
During summer 2010, a lot of integrated pest management practices have been done in the PesticideLife demonstration fields. The group of insect, plant disease and weed specialists backcasted the methods used. The backcasting raport is in Publications. 31.12.2010.

PesticideLife at Kasvinsuojelun syyspuinti -seminar on 1.11.2010
Traditionell seminar "Kasvinsuojelun syyspuinti, Plant protection seminar" was organised by Kasvinsuojeluseura ry on 1st November. At the seminar, Pauliina Laitinen presented the results of PesticideLife demonstrations in summer 2010. More information on Kasvinsuojeluseura website (in Finnish). The presentation is on Publications. 2.11.2010.

Inception report completed soon
Progress of Life+ projects are reported to the European Commission regularly. The first Inception report of the project  PesticideLife is ready soon and sent to Brussels in the end of August. Otherwise during autumn, the activities of the project are focused on the discussion, assessment and presentation of the results of IPM demonstrations. 24.8.2010.

Networking and distributing material on the web
PesticideLife networks and communicates on the Facebook. FB site of the project works also as a feedback channel. We distribute our (audio-) visual material in a web album. The pictures are Google Earth linked.

Policy review of the national action plan
In the project PesticideLife, we have published a policy review of the national action plan on the sustainable use of pesticides. Review is published as a draft version, so comments are welcome. You can deliver the comments to the project leader Sanni Junnila, or discuss about the review on the Facebook. You can find the review on the publications of the project (in Finnish with abstract in English and Swedish).

Forecasting spring cereal diseases
The nine farmers involved in the PesticideLife project will test a GIS-based forecasting system for spring cereal diseases. The model will forecast occurrence of leaf streak, DTR-leaf spot and net blotch on barley and wheat, which are typical spring cereals in Finland. Meteorological data of the model is based on real-time measurements on the farm or local weather models by Finnish Meteorological Institute. The weather stations (A-lab Oy) used in the project are a part of weather station network of EnviSense-project. In addition to weather data, the model needs some data of cultivation methods and history, like tillage methods and variety. When the disease risk index is high, the system will send a SMS to the farmer. The goal is to build a forecasting and alert system, which supports farmers in the decision making related to plant protection needs ant timing. The model is developed by NSL and MTT together with Bitcomp Oy. Besides PesticideLife farms, the system will be tested in eigth farm of TilaTesti-project and farms agreed with cultivation advice of NSL.

Review of control threshold values
Control thresholds of the pests are an essential part of integrated pest management. We have made a review of threshold values of insects, weeds and diseases in the Finnish cereal cultivation. You can find it from the publications (only on Finnish pages).

PesticideLife at the Vilja2010-event
PesticideLife will be at the Vilja2010-event as a part of MTT's stand. The event will be in Kotkaniemi on 17.6.2010, starting at 9 a.m. You can find more information of the event from Farmit (in Finnish).

Proceedings of the Opening seminar
The proceedings of the Opening seminar and the speech of researcher Marja Jalli are published. You can find them here (only in Finnish). Presentations are in pdf-format.

Leaflet of the project
Leaflet of the project PesticideLife is published. You can find it from the project's main page.

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