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Seminars of the project PesticideLife

PesticideLife project has arranged three seminars. Opening seminar of the project was held at Jokioinen in 18.-19.02.2010. In the seminar, we focused on the use of plant protection products in the cereal cultivation in Finland. Present situation of the cereal plant protection was considered based on the questionnaire study made by KSS ry and Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes. Residues of the plant protection products (PPP) in surface waters was also discussed.

The mid-term seminar was divided in two separate seminars. International part of the seminar was held in Ultuna, Sweden in 14.6.2011. It was held as a small IPM workshop immediately after IPM session in the NJF's congress. Presentations of the workshop are in the Mid-term seminar. National part of the seminar will be held together with the project stakeholder Plant Protection Society (KSS ry)in Ilmajoki on 1.11.2011. Welcome to the seminars!

The national part of the final seminar was arranged on the 13th of November 2013, in Jokioinen. The proceedings of the seminar can be found in English from this link. International part of the project's final seminar was during NJF seminar in Tallinn 7 - 8.11.2012. Material of the seminar is published in publications page. Abstract book and presentations are availabe to download.

The project PesticideLife is financially supported by the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community. It is coordinated by Agrifood Research Finland MTT. Project partners are Nylands Svenska Lantbrukssällskap NSL and Finnish Safety and Chemical Agency Tukes.

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