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Photo: Suvi Hara, MTT
Field visits

Material at the field visits
In the summer, we will arrange field visits at the farms involved in the project. The selected IPM methods will be presented. We have made visitor guides of the fields and notice boards of the project, to be distributed at the field days and to be erected next to the fields. Visitor guides include information about cultivation history and integrated pest management practices in the selected fields. Notice board is a short description of the project. VG's and NB's are published on the Demonstration farms site (in Finnish and in Swedish only).

Material distributed at the field visits will be displayed on the publications. Pictures and videos of the days are displayed on the web album.

Field days in 2012

Field days  in Häme region, in MTT Kotkanoja field plots 17.7.2012
PesticideLife organised the field day in Jokioinen. Short presentations took place in MTT's auditorium and field demonstrations were in Kotkanoja demonstration field plots. MTT's Glyphos project was also presented because their own demonstration field was next to our field plots. 

Field days in Southern Ostrobotnia region in Ylistaro in Aila's field plot 18.7.2012
Field day in Osthrobotnia was arranged in agricultural market in Ylistaro. Agenda was simiral as in Jokioinen but Glyphos project was not presented. Pictures from the field days can be found from the web album.

Field day in Stor sarvlaks farm, Lovisa 10.7.2012
First part of the field day in Nyland region was in Stor sarvlaks farm in co-operation with NSL. Also agricultural trade was well presented and they organised working demonstration with agricultural machinery.

Field days in Nyland region in Inkoo, Västankvarn 11.7.2012
Second part of the field day in Nyland region was in Västankvarn research farm where PesticideLife demonstration field plot was presented. Also other ongoing research field plots were shown.

Our project was also presented in Okra (agricultural exhibition) 4 - 7.7., Hauho farming days 31.7., and Raisio agro's field day 10.8. and Lepaa gardening exhibition 16 - 18.8.

Field days in the summer 2011
Loimaa 16.6.2011: Direct drill and leguminous plants day
PesticideLife is attending to the Direct drill and leguminous plants -day in Loimaa on 16.6.2011. Leguminous plants are important break-crops for cereal-dominated cropping systems. Cereal growers are encouraged to cultivate leguminous species because of growing need of protein for feed. Driving instructions.

Inkoo 7.7.2011: Field day at Västankvarn farm
NSL and Västankvarn gård are organising a Plant production day at Västankvarn farm in Inkoo on 7.7.2011. Visitors are welcomed to visit stands of several companies in plant production branch, including plant protection. PesticideLife is demonstrating IPM methods and a cereal leaf spot disease forecasting model in practice at the field day. Driving instructions.

Jokioinen region 19.7.2011: PesticideLife's field day at Boreal
PesticideLife is orgianising a field day together with the plant breeding company Boreal Ltd. Integrated pest management, plant protection in general and plant breeding are the themes of the day. The visitors are wolcomed to visit the "Ruudun reunalla" day in Boreal, Jokioinen, from 10 to 14 o'clock on 19.7.2011.  Driving instructions. More information (in Finnish).

Pohjanmaa region 27.7.2011: Field day at Talvitie's farm
Field day is organised in the Pohjanmaa region on 27.7.2011, starting at 18.00. Agenda will be announced later. Driving instructions.

Field visits in the summer 2010
Field visit in Isokyrö in the beginning of August
The project was presented at the farm of Kari Vaismaa in Isokyrö, Southern Ostrobothnia on 3.8.2010. On the field visit, we got acquainted on well-balanced crop rotation and pest control effectiveness on sprayed and non-sprayed parcels. Sanni Junnila, Vesa Hietanen, Irmeli Markkula, Marja Jalli and Arjo Kangas were presenting the project and IPM actions on the farm.

Field day at Stor Sarvlaks farm
NSL were organising a field day at Stor Sarvlaks farm in Southern Nylands on 7.7.2010. Topical plant protection issues were discussed. Patrik Erlund from NSL were presenting the project PesticideLife.

Field visit at Koski Tl
PesticideLife was organising a field day at the farm of Marja and Heikki Jalli in Koski Tl on 6.7.2010. Short presentations covered disease forecasting models, wireless in-situ weather sensors, crop rotation and chemical pest management according to control threshold values. Field day was a main topic on the regional and national TV news in the same evening and on radio news on Swedish speaking Radio Vega in the next morning.

PesticideLife at "Pelto Tuottamaan" day
PesticideLife was presented on "Productive field" day at Tuorla on 1.7.2010. Marja jalli and Jaakko Laurinen had a presentation, and PesticideLife was presented as a part of MTT's stand.  Cereal and sugar beet varieties were presented at the field circuit. The day was organised by MTT Plant Production, SJT Sugar Beet Research Centre and Countryside College of Southwest Finland Tuorla.

Field day at Västankvarn
NSL was organising a field day in Västankvarn, Inkoo on 22.6.2010. The programm included presentation of PesticideLife and field visit to variety trials of Västankvarn.

PesticideLife at the Vilja2010 exhibition
As a part of MTT's stand, PesticideLife project was presented at the Vilja2010 exhibition in Kotkaniemi on 17.6.2010.

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