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Reducing environmental risks in use of plant protection products in Northern Europe
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What is integrated pest management, IPM? How can we apply IPM at the Finnish cereal cultivation farms? These questions are considered in the four-year project PesticideLife, which started at the beginning of 2010. We have been testing different IPM-methods at 9 farms involved in the project and on several participatory farms in 2011-2013.

The use of plant protection products can cause environmental and health risks. The aim of EU:s new framework directive (2009/128/EC) is to reduce these risks. According to the directive, the national action plan on the sustainable use of pesticides (NAP) has been prepared also in Finland. Integrated pest management is an essential part of NAP.

We arranged the opening seminar of the project in Jokioinen, MTT, at 18.-19.2.2010. The second day was held as a public seminar. Now we have organised also the mid-term seminar. The national part was held in collaboration with the Kasvinsuojeluseyra ry on 1.11.2011, and the international part at the NJF congress in Ultuna, Sweden on 14.6.2011.

We have published and updated a policy review related to national action plans (in Finnish). The report has been published in the MTT's 'Raportti' series (link). All publications published during the project can be found in project's website.

In the opening seminar, the project farmers and partners approved the feasible IPM-methods, of which the farmers chose the most suitable ones for themselves. The choice of the farmers is on the Finnish web site of the project.

Now we have 3 growing seasons behind, and the project staff has had time to back-cast the selected IPM methods: where did we succeed, what should be improved? Pests and control efficacy has been monitored, different forecasting methods were used to support the choice of control method. The project has been presented in several agricultural meetings, fiels days etc.

There is also time to share knowledge and gain new information about integrated plant protection. Project members have been presenting the issue e.g. in plant protection training of farmers and NORBARAG working group in Norway. News of integrated pest management and situation of NAP in EU member states were updated in the final congress of the EU 6th framework program project ENDURE in Paris. The project has been presented also in other NJF seminars in the Northern zone and in Poland.

International part of the project's final seminar was during NJF seminar in Tallinn 7 - 8.11.2012. Material of the seminar is published in publications page.The national part of the final seminar will be in 13th of November 2013 at Jokioinen. 

The project is coordinated by MTT Agrifood Research Finland, with the contribution of the LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Community.

LIFE08 ENV/FIN/000604

Last update 11.9.2013

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PesicideLife closing seminar will be arranged in Jokioinen 13th of November 2013
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Directive 2009/128/EC
7-8.11.2012 NJF seminar: Integrated Pest Management - National Action Plans in Nordic-Baltic countries, Tallinn Estonia
30 - 30.10.2012 NJF seminar 457 Sustainable Agriculture in The Baltic Sea Region with focus on climate change
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