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FoodAfrica midterm seminar: Food and nutrition security in Africa
Seminar presentations
On June 16th 2014 the FoodAfrica midterm seminar was held in Helsinki with nearly 150 participants. Below you can see the seminar presentations and videos.

Seminar posters
WP1: Development of an x-ray method for mineralogical analysis of Africa soils using a benchtop diffractometer
WP1: Micronutrients in selected food crops in Muguga, Kenya
WP2: Comparing traditional and new breeds of dairy animals
WP2: Establishing a unique information resource on low-input dairy systems
WP2: Building capacity of young scientists and stakeholders in dairy
WP2: Using advanced DNA approaches to determine breed composition
WP2: Milk composition of Dairy Cattle Breeds in Senegal
WP2: Milk yield of dairy cattle in Senegal
WP3: Climate change impacts on agriculture & agricultural economies: The example of Senegal
WP4: Complementary food patterns among infants and young children in Houeyogbe and Bopa districts in southern Benin, West Africa
WP4: Mothers’ Knowledge of Complementary Feeding and the Influence of Context – A mixed methods study in Southern Benin
WP5: Aflatoxin M1 survey in dairy households in Kenya
WP5: Costs of aflatoxins in Kenyan dairy value chain
WP5: Creating Novel Approaches to Mitigate Aflatoxin Risk in Food and Feed with Lactic Acid Bacteria - fungal growth inhibition
WP6: Household Features that Support Women Empowerment – A Ugandan case study
WP7: Fostering New Strategies, Linkages and Possibilities for Increasing smallholders’ Access to Fodder in the Kenya Highlands
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