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FoodAfrica – Improving Food Security in West and East Africa
FoodAfrica is a research and development Programme enhancing food security in West and East Africa. The objective of the Programme is to provide new knowledge and tools for researchers, decision makers and local farmers to improve local food security. The FoodAfrica Programme is implemented in six countries: Benin, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, and Uganda.

FoodAfrica Programme is coordinated by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). The other cooperating partners are four CGIAR institutions and two Finnish universities:

Food Africa Programme's main funding agency is the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

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Sustainable and profitable milk production in Senegal – see the Food Africa programme’s video!
Doubling the income of milk producers puts food on the table of many African families
Safe food in a sustainable and profitable manner – the findings of the FoodAfrica research programme will help farmers to improve food safety in sub-Saharan Africa
Cooperation between business and research is the key to sustainable development
Register to FoodAfrica Seminar on Global Food Security 12 April 2016
Luke’s Executive Vice President Johanna Buchert visited FoodAfrica partners in Kenya
Climate is changing the rules
Blog by Martti Esala: Healthy soils are the key to Green Revolution in Africa
Luke and FARA are seeking cooperation possibilities
FoodAfrica team met and strategised in Nairobi
Drought risk calls for a range of methods to ensure food security
FoodAfrica Supervisory Board visited Ol Kalou Dairy Cooperative
Amy Faye studies ways to adapt to climate change
Blog by Keith Shepherd: The simplicity of light is revolutionising the measurement of soil health
Katri Leinonen is analyzing Ugandan smallholders’ market access
Population growth and climate change can shape extensive livestock husbandry in Sub-Saharan Africa
Two billion people suffer from hidden hunger
Beatrice Tuei is developing a solution for farmers’ fodder issues
Kenyan meteorological experts trained in Finland
Seminar on food and nutrition security gathered experts in Helsinki in June
Weather data helps to forecast the risk of mycotoxin formation in the dairy chain
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