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SUSFOOD ERA-net - Sustainable Food
The strategic goal of SUSFOOD is to reinforce the scientific cooperation between EU member and
associated states in order to maximise the contribution of research to the development of food
systems aiming at more sustainability from production to consumption.
This implies:
- Responding to the increasing demand for food by increasing food production sustainably (i.e.
with reduced CO2 emissions, energy consumption and water use) and reducing losses and
wastes in the food supply chain
- Improving the quality of food in a sustainable way, to improve the quality of life (better
access to food and to a healthy diet)
- Improving the resilience of the food supply chain
- Encouraging consumption behaviours to be more sustainable
Improving the European agri-food business competitiveness and economic growth, with an
additional focus on SMEs
To reach this overall aim, SUSFOOD will:
- Enhance synergies between research programmes on sustainable food production and
consumption, taking account of existing EU initiatives. Thus duplication of efforts could be
avoided and resources could be targeted to unaddressed issues, research questions and
knowledge gaps, with a focus on the post-harvest area
- Increase cooperation between the organisations in order to carry out ambitious research
projects that cannot be undertaken at an individual level
- Maximise assets exploitation by pooling material and intellectual resources existing in the
partner states
- Promote outputs of the network via dissemination and knowledge transfer activities to the
wider EU research community and to industry.

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