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The FinE trademark - a guarantee of inhereted quality
Agrifood Research Finland has brought its first trademark into use. The trademark FinE, Finnish Elite, distinguishes plant material which meets certain quality specifications.

The trademark can be given to plants which have been studied in Finland and which are of high genetic quality, healthy, hardy in Finland and without problems in propagation.

The trademark has been developed together with the Finnish Association of Nurseries. A working group composed of researchers at the MTT and nurserymen supervises and directs the use of the trademark. The tasks of the working group are to select the plants with FinE, to make agreements with nurseries and shops, to determine the annual charge for use of the trademark and to decide how to use the revenue from the charges.

Mother plants for propagation of FinE plants are available at the Laukaa Research and Elite Plant Station. It is possible for foreign nurseries to make an agreement on the right to use the trademark 'FinE'.

Comparative field trials or a long-standing experience in different climatic zones within Finland give an opportunity for a plant to be selected as a FinE plant. Most ornamental plants that are selected as FinE plants now originate from the clone selection trials of woody ornamentals at the MTT.

A few plants have been selected on long-standing experience. Fruit and berry varieties can also be marketed with the FinE trademark. Except strawberry these are the results of Finnish breeding work or old local varieties which have proved to be valuable in cultivation. Currently thirteen fruit and berry varieties are available as FinE plants.

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