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Modern research environment

MTT Agrifood Research Finland has at its disposal modern equipment and work premises and facilities for agricultural and food research, and varied and attractive settings for the practical testing work as well. Our advanced equipment, up-to-date software and suitable premises provide a favourable base for research.

Extensive data material, good analysis capabilities and the ability to interpret the results ensure the reliability of research results and the quality of work. Our highly skilled personnel also further the research conducted in MTT.

Several laboratories complying with quality systems

The different domains of research take place in well-equipped laboratories and other research facilities. A supercritical fluid extractor is one example of the state-of-the-art technology managed by the Chemistry Laboratory which provides services for the entire Research Centre.

MTT Agrifood Research Finland also houses modern DNA sequencers used for genetic research involving microbes, plants and animals. Several of MTT's laboratories, their testing and analysis services, as well as the official plant variety trials performed in MTT, follow standard quality systems.

MTT's pilot plant for food technology includes top equipment for research and product development concerning milk, eggs and vegetables. Moreover, MTT has a pilot dairy where new dairy products are developed and different cheeses are produced on a small scale.

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