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Transition towards sustainable nutrient economy

Kesto: 02-JAN-12 - 31-DEC-15

This project is included into the Green Growth Research Program of the Finnish Agency for the Technology and Innovation. The project generates new knowledge about transition management, nutrient economy and policy options which can foster transition to a more sustainable regime. In addition, potential to use integrated and novel LCA‐approach for striving to improved eco‐efficiency and closed‐loop systems is examined.
Academic results:
New knowledge about:
 System stimulation towards transition and new regime
 Presentation of nutrient economy/management with novel methodology
 Niche technologies and accelerating their commercialization
 Policy framework in order to support sustainable development
 Potential to close nutrient loops and receive critical improvement of eco‐efficiency within the dominant Finnish agricultural/food sector
Delivered through:
 5‐ 10 high quality journal articles
 5‐ 10 conference articles
 1‐ 2 doctoral dissertations
 5‐ 8 master´s thesis
Managerial results:
‐ Better understanding of transitions and proactive participation in it
‐ Processes and methods for evaluating environmental performance and using that in decision making
‐ Practices for accelerating the commercialization of environmental solutions
‐ Tools for government and interest groups to create desired policy conditions
Delivered through:
 Expert‐lead workshops for fostering transition arena
 Master´s thesis projects for company specific needs
 Environmental Life Cycle Assessment in creating methodology for nutrient footprint
 Strategic guidelines and tactical steps for accelerating the commercialization of environmental technologies and solutions
 Communication between key actors to enable the desired transition

  Sirpa Kurppa
  Helena Kahiluoto
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