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The countryside is full of various learning possibilities! You can participate in a farm camp school or visit a nearby farm on a regular basis throughout the school year. A visit to the Agricultural Exhibition Park Elonkierto offers a perfect way to get familiar with the Finnish food production and its environmental factors. 

These webpage's are for teachers and farmers who want to provide children a genuine and personal touch with countryside values and knowledge. Here you can find information on how school subjects are easily integrated to countryside settings. You can also find a farm camp school or teaching material. Separate hands-on guides have been made for both farm camps and school-farm co-operation. The guides include everything from tips on how to manage a successful visit to how you tell children about the route of food.

There are some examples in English, but the material is mainly in Finnish. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

Webpages are up-dated by MTT Agrifood Research Finland and Agropolis Ltd. The photos on the main pages: Elli Korpela, Pentti Raiskio, Eeva Saarisalo, Marjatta Sihvonen, Hannele Siltala, MTT archive/Tapio Tuomela, cow drawing Rokodiili Production Ltd/ Laura Suhonen.

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