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Information about Artturi

Artturi web site provides services and knowledge concerning forage production, harvesting, ensiling, feed analysis and dairy cow feeding. Artturi® is a registered trademark owned jointly by Valio Ltd. and MTT Agrifood Research Finland. Artturi web service consists of three parts:
  • Forage harvest time information
  • Feed analysis
  • Artturi library including e.g. calculators

Artturi forage harvest time information helps the farmer in optimising the harvesting time of grass. During primary growth, an empirical model which estimates the D-value (concentration of digestible organic matter in dry matter) of grass and red clover crops for whole Finland is used. The model is driven by effective temperature sum above 5 °C (degree-days) derived from daily measurements by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The D-value estimates are updated daily during the first silage harvesting period in June.

The D-value model does not include the possible effects of microclimate, management and soil type. Therefore the real D-value on a certain field may differ from the estimate given by the model. The model covers only the first harvest.

Artturi provides analytical results (NIRS) of grass samples collected all over Finland and verbal harvesting information given by regional advisers. These services are also available for regrowth harvest.

Feed analysis is an integral part of efficient forage utilization. Artturi helps interpret silage quality and composition analysis. Pages include guidelines for sampling from different silo types. The cover letter accompanying the silage sample to be analysed can be printed. Feed analysis statistics from the Valio laboratories are updated monthly during the indoor feeding period, and provide currently information of over 100,000 silage samples.

The Artturi library provides information in different forms and levels connected to forage production and utilization. The calculators form an integral part of the Library providing decicion support tools based on the user's own input data.

Contact information:
Editor-in-chief of the website: Prof. Marketta Rinne
MTT Agrifood Research Finland
FIN-31600 Jokioinen, Finland


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