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Grass area calculator

Grass Area Calculator

This calculator estimates the grass area needed to feed a dairy herd. The calculator is also useful in demonstrating the effect of the forage yield achieved on the grass area needed, as well as the effect of concentrate level in feeding. 

Enter the initial data or choose from the menus.

  • Number of cows = The average number of cows in the herd
  • Milk production, kg/year= The average milk production per cow in a year
  • Annual replacement percentage of cows. Certain amount of forages will be consumed by heifers. The replacement percentage will change the grass area needed for raising heifers.  It is estimated that 1600 feed units of forage are needed to raise one heifer.
  • Percentage of forage in feeding

  • Yield per hectare, expressed as feed units. This also includes pastures.


The ME (metabolizable energy) requirement for dairy cows is calculated according to the Feed Tables ( In this calculator, the cows are assumed to weigh 600 kg. The calculation covers the whole year including the grazing period.

Thanks to Tapio Pajunpää and Riitta Lehtinen (HAMK University of Applied Sciences/ Mustiala) for the draft of this calculator. 

Number of cows
Milk production, kg/year
Annual replacement percantege of cows
Percentage of forage areal in arable land
Feed unit yield per hectare


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